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Welcome to ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ

The company ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. was founded in May 2000 with the main purpose of producing and distributing organic products mainly of animal production.

Our products are high quality and nutritional value foods, which are produced with respect to nature and the balance of the ecosystem.

Our aim is to supply consumers with ‘clean’ and healthy products, which not only meet their nutritional needs, but also respect the area where they are produced and the animals reared, thus ensuring the desired harmony.

The production process of ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. is carried out in accordance with all the principles of Community and national legislation governing the production, processing and distribution of organic products.

The aim of ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. is to make its name and brand synonymous with trust, quality and solvency.

Why we are different:

– We have the only 100% organic cheese dairy in Greece, located in South Evia.
– The cheese products produced by ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. are made from microbial rennet
suitable for vegetarians.
– ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. is the first company to offer to the Greek market a certified Greek
organic meat (beef).
– We offer in the market a high quality organic product of high standards at affordable prices.

Agissilaos Kranidis
Managing Director

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