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What are the general characteristics of organic products:

The cultivation-production of organic products is based on the knowledge of the traditional farmer and breeder. Organic products are high quality products, produced with environmentally friendly processes (e.g. animals have access to pastures and open spaces so that they can live in natural conditions). Animal feed does not contain pesticide residues, no antibiotics or hormones and no synthetic fertilisers have been used.

Why eat organic food?

They are clearly healthier with higher nutritional value, as they were not developed with interventions that are outside their “natural” production. Often organic produce tastes and smells better than conventional produce.

How do we distinguish organic products?

To be organic, a product must bear on its packaging the special certification mark of the organisation that has checked it at all stages of production, as well as the special certification number. The products of ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. are controlled by the Organic Products Control & Certification Organization.

Where can I find the products of ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε.?

In our online store within our website, or else contact our call center 210 532 5701, 210 281 0018

What are P.D.O. products ?

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products are defined as products which come from a specific region and whose quality or characteristics are mainly due to the specific geographical environment. ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. produces and offers Feta with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The Feta (PDO) of ΒΙΟΦΑΡΜΑ Α.Ε. is produced from sheep’s and goat’s milk – with special care and know-how – and stands out for its excellent taste.

What are DEMETER certified products?

Products that are DEMETER certified and marked are in accordance with the principles of Biodynamic Farming. With Biodynamic Cultivation, the land is seen as a living organism, each single portion to be cultivated as a self-sufficient ecological unit, and agriculture as an act that stimulates the forces that act on nature, creating and regulating the life of plants.

The above process gradually achieves an increase in the natural fertility of soils, the robustness and resilience of plants and farm animals, ecological balance, the production of food for humans much cleaner from harmful substances, with greater fullness in beneficial components, better acceptance by the human body, a reduction in allergies and generally enhanced health, even mental health, and the development of the human body.

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